Local natural limestone, sawn stone and building stone



With over 30 years experience and specialised knowledge, we can cover all aspects of the natural stone industry by benefiting people from local builders, architects and private clients.


Guiting Masonry are able to supply, quoins, window heads, sills, mullions, jambs and (sawn and split) building stone, all cut from our local ‘Guiting’ stone which is the highly sort after, popular creamy/yellow coloured limestone.  The mellow warmth of Cotswold Limestone is admired all over the globe.


We are happy to supply samples of all of our products free of charge. Seeing samples allows our clients to get a better understanding of our products, help in colour matching stone for renovation and extension projects and also allow a comparison to other products that you might be considering.


Our small and dedicated, knowledgeable team have a full understanding of our industry. We can offer support from every aspect of your building project and specification process.


Guiting Masonry can work with individual clients, builders, architects any other third parties in order to provide the best service and of course deliver our high quality products.


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